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IDC-USA is a cooperative owned by local independent distributors who improve the MRO solutions in their community. Many IDC Distributors are 2nd and 3rd generation in their business and well respected in the industry. IDC Distributors are the people living in your town, people who understand your needs and are concerned about the future of your community.

While other organizations look to build bigger empires, your local IDC Distributor is interested in building stronger relationships. The partnership between IDC Distributors and their customers keeps the money in their community.

With hundreds of IDC Distributors across North America, IDC Distributors help their customers stay up and running by providing the right product and expertise when they need it.

The industries IDC Distributors serve include: Power Transmission, Construction and Building Materials, Farming, Industrial MRO, Industrial OEM, Electrical Utilities, Machine Shops, Food Processing Plants, Mining Facilities and more.

As an IDC-USA partner, General Industrial has access to a vast offering of power transmission products including IDC Select®, the proprietary brand of IDC Distributers. IDC Select® offers a diverse line of mounted and un-mounted bearings, bushings, chain, hose, shafting, sheaves, sprockets and other power transmission components manufactured by first-rate companies that are comparable to the brand name products you currently buy, but with a value proposition you will love. They are quality tested against other well-known name brands, and with tens of millions of items sold in the market, IDC Select® is the proven choice.

Call: 559.651.9090